Get the facts on brand-drug price changes

It’s the start of 2019, which means it’s time for another round of list price increases on brand-name drugs. With the increasing scrutiny on drug manufacturers, January price increases are being tracked closely by the media, which has done an admirable job sifting through the available data to report the basics on this topic in three minutes or less.

But what about those of us that want to spend a bit more time researching this? Those of us that have nothing better to do than spend 30-60 minutes poking around in data to form a more comprehensive view? Well, if you fall into this camp, this dashboard is for you. Much like a box score in baseball tallies up each player’s stats for a game, our Brand-Drug Price Change Box-Score tallies up all price changes by manufacturer and drug – for any period you want to see. The tool also allows you to place two different periods side by side to quickly absorb what is driving changes from one year to the next.

Be careful though – the most significant limitation to this data is that it does not include manufacturer rebates and any other associated manufacturer price concessions. Any discussion of brand-drug prices is thoroughly incomplete without mentioning rebates, and due to their hidden nature, we cannot incorporate them into this tool to provide changes in net prices. But the discussion on list price increases rages nonetheless – now at least you have better facts to contribute!

Data Sources

How we Created our Dataset

  1. 46brooklyn's visualization tool of choice = Tableau Prep

  2. Download NADAC Comparison Data

  3. Join NADAC Comparison Data together with FDA NDC Data

You can download our full database here (current as of 7/3/2019).

How to Use   

For a detailed tutorial on how to use this visualization please read our Brand-Drug Price Change Box-Score report, published on January 21, 2019.

Update Frequency

  • Weekly - each Tuesday evening

v 1.9 - posted July 3,2019
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