Are you paying too much for prescriptions? This tool will help you find out
      Columbus Dispatch, 10/29/18

Kaiser Family Foundation annual survey: Medicaid signups flat, spending higher on prescription drugs and addiction care
      USA Today, 10/25/18

Prescription Drug Price Look Up
      Columbus Dispatch, 10/24/18

Cost of blood pressure drug surges in U.S. after recall
      Reuters, 10/16/18

Side Affects podcast: 46brooklyn
      Side Affects with McGohan Brabender, 10/1/18

Generic drug prices ⬇️
      Axios, 9/21/18

Trying to bring transparency and accountability to prescription drug prices to help lower costs for patients
      The Capitolist, 9/20/18

John Arnold: Are pharmacy benefit managers the good guys or bad guys of drug pricing?
      STAT News, 8/27/18

Ohio Medicaid drug audit calls for transparency, highlights pharmacy closures
      Columbus Dispatch, 8/16/18

Ohio Medicaid cancels contracts with two big PBMs over ‘spread’ pricing
      Pharmalot via STAT News, 8/14/18

States question costs of middlemen that manage Medicaid drug benefits
      NPR, 8/8/18

Pharmalittle: Curious to know what a pharmacy benefit manager charges state Medicaid programs for drugs and what those same medicines cost pharmacies?
      Pharmalot via STAT News, 8/7/18

New site compares Medicaid drug prices across states and overall drug price trends
      Connecticut Health Policy Project, 8/2/18

The data showing drug pricing games
      Axios, 8/1/18


To learn more about our initial road to seeking drug price transparency, check out the Side Effects series from the Columbus Dispatch.