Build it yourself.

Do you like to tinker with data? Do you broadly distrust anything you have not created yourself? Are you tired of the drug supply chain funding their own studies telling you how wonderful they are, without telling you exactly how they calculated their wonderfulness?

Well, then this series is for you!

Here, 46brooklyn experts will teach you how to construct some of our most-utilized dashboards from scratch. Our hope is that this series inspires you to create your own tools to help answer your drug pricing questions, with the conviction that can only come from “building the house” with your own two hands!



We use Tableau for all of our database prep and visualization work. So, if you want to follow along, you’ll need at least a free-trial license. We have not received any money, gifts or recognition from Tableau for this video series or any other work we have done. We just love the product, which is why we choose to use it.


How to Construct the Medicaid Drug Pricing Heat Map

Inspired by videos our kids watch to learn how to build elaborate random stuff in Minecraft, we created a video to show you how to build the Medicaid Drug Pricing Heat Map from scratch. You are now just 30 minutes away from piecing together the disturbing randomness that is Medicaid generic drug pricing.

Big thanks to Journeyman Productions for filming, assembling, and editing the video!

Download: NADAC lag file; Oral Solids Calculated Field; Quarter Calculated Field